In the eyes of the player "mouse Logitech, keyboards, Microsoft" is the unspoken rules of campaign hand selected button, but also Personal USB Standard Wireless Keyboard, the quality of the Logitech mouse and Microsoft keyboard feel mutual support, in the age of War3 first generation domestic esports players to the top of the world.

But now everything has changed, Microsoft mouse and virtually withdrew from the player's perspective, Logitech has designed specifically for gaming peripherals set up a g-series models. In terms of gaming mice, Thunder snake Razer, sairui SteelSeries, fighting Dragon Ttesports designed specifically for players even esports mouse have entered the market; and in terms of the keyboard also appear comparable to optical mouse revolutionary changes in the market that year, popular gaming keyboard that's mechanical axis.

Mechanical keyboard is a keyboard keyboard axis and independently contact, so there is no "press the conflict" question, you can quickly press multiple keys simultaneously and even unrecognized problem does not occur, so become a high-end Office and game weapon. In the development of mechanical keyboard, Germany descent of Cherry keyboard shaft manufacturer also played a very big role, it launched the key axis can give people a completely different feel with membrane keypad, clear voice and a clear sense of feedback makes users feel very comfortable.


According to tradition, users pursue "original quality" is not always wrong, Cherry keyboard quality is really good, Quality Standard Slim Lap Desk Computer Wired PS2 USB PC Keyboard but it might be their own business traditions are too thick, although it has introduced some keyboards can be used for games, also sponsored a number of teams, but the original keyboard's response in games in General. Instead of, market Shang some originally oriented game of peripherals brand in combined has itself of technology and mechanical keyboard of advantage Hou, actually more meet players and electric competing players of needs, especially recently, many brand have launched has himself of game mechanical keyboard, let this a market suddenly became splendor colorful, more let many players completely cross-stitch has eye, following we on view a see which of typical products's.