Blundering years, how many brands can still sponsor a team for more than five years, and how many teams can persist for more than five years New mechanical keyboard. For victory, for the glory and insisted that supporters of the team as WE--i-rocks, since the last version of the game mouse pad WE introduced the team to now, time has past for 5 years.

In the near future, gaming mouse pad i-rocks WE the team finally ushered in the upgrading in order to meet new faces and all the players. New color scheme with red background, in addition to three-dimensional pattern WE, clearance or uniform distribution WE, Ai Ruike, Angel sword, highlight the desire for victory.


New mouse pad-smooth fabric, positioning to speed game mouse pad, 6mm thickness of thickened surfaces feel more flexibility, Anti-water and anti-dust mechanical keyboard reduced long time when using mouse wrist fatigue with friction between mouse pad. Compared to other games, the team greatly increased prices of products, this mouse pad sells for 49, comfortable experience bonus team and WE believe in, what are you waiting, come and have a look!